Loan management system

(our Inhouse Lending Software)

 For Customers

  • Multi-product platform: Multi-cycle loan products. Support for assets, Liabilities, Insurance and Pension products under the same architecture.
  • Consolidated customer view: Consolidated view to manage all her/his relations and accounts.
  • Ability to run standard queries including loan amount outstanding, due date and make payments online.
  • App based user interface to facilitate communication

 For Lenders

  • Highly configurable and scalable: Cloud based scalable solutions, dynamic setup, and data filters New deal/tranche structuring.
  • Seamless integration: Seamless integration of portfolio management, financial accounting, reporting and business intelligence.
  • Smooth migration: Migration of your accounts and related data from your legacy system(s).
  • Development of Mobile App, software and MIS for Microfinance operations.

 Excel Support

  • All of our software is compatible with the MS Office Suite, all the reports being exportable to excel.

 Intuitive UI Design​​

  • The mechanism for granting credit is done intuitively via tabs for each stage : client profile, loan configuration, credit committee approval, disbursement, repayment, rescheduling.
Cepheus Advantage
Full stack loan IT platform in a one-stop shop.
In-house team fully available to customize loan platform for your requirements.​
Cloud Support
Cloud based for easy implementation.
Big data Support
Big data analytics support