Originating Loans is a costly and often random spend. If that is your experience and you want to increase the conversion rate and identify cohorts of underlying credits with a better risk/return profile, we can help.

Online Marketing

  • Complete digital marketing strategy and website maintenance
  • Google SEO
  • Facebook/other social network CAC optimization
  • Optimal online acquisition via broker channels

Origination cost monitoring

  • Cost monitoring of marketing spend across channels
  • Day to day reporting on efficacy of marketing dollars
  • Working with portfolio manager to determine origination channels vs risk profile and credit quality

Increasing Conversion Rate

  • Focused marketing to clients with high probability of acceptance
  • Dynamic marketing strategies to move in sync with the customer base

Alpha identification

  • Focus will be on identifying cohorts of clients who are wrongly classified by traditional scorecards
  • Using several unique datapoints to predict quality prime borrowers among subprime data sets
  • Scorecard development for cohorts without any credit history or cross-jurisdiction data
Cepheus Advantage
Experience Driven Approach
We have direct experience of seeing several such business in this space and can offer actionable strategies which will immediately reflect in bottom lines
Adaptive Approach
We are not tied to traditional models and are always looking to change strategies depending on how customer preferences evolve                    
Parallel Solution
The solutions we suggest can be implemented alongside your existing business. We don’t fix it if it isn’t broken